“do you Have a reason to worry now?” This is the question that most absconse that had to be asked for Carlos Ghosn to his arrival at the detention centre in Kosuge, east of Tokyo, a place chosen by the prosecutor in charge of his case. The guards have also asked if he was gay. If he had any diseases. They wanted to know if he had a piercing special: a pearl on the foreskin, as a variant of deep finger cut off, which sometimes mark the membership of a Japanese gang yakuza. Then was added a long series of questions to get to know him before he enters the hallway of the monotony of Kosuge…

The people arrested in Japan should, in theory, spend their custody in a detention centre as Kosuge, even if, often, they can stay at the police station, formula more convenient for the investigators and the suspect in the hand. The prosecutor in charge of Carlos Ghosn has decided to place it in the centre, probably …

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