The expression of”european army” was not pronounced by Emmanuel Macron on Sunday in the German Bundestag. The head of State has preferred the less used and more classic, “european defence”. He clearly has not wanted to take back the words released during her interview on Europe 1, on 6 November, and which have had the effect of a red rag, eliciting a number of reactions, including tweets livid Donald Trump. But the idea was always there, on Sunday in Berlin, when the president of the Republic has urged the Europeans to “build the tools of their sovereignty” and lamented that “too many powers are looking to get out of the game,” an allusion transparent to the countries that he had mentioned on the radio: Russia, the United States, China…

besides, the day before his trip in the German capital, we indicated at the Elysée palace that Emmanuel Macron was fully this concept of a”european army”, while ensuring to point out that this …

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