• Friday: Trump “clashe” Macron

Then he was invited to Paris for the commemoration of the 11 November, the american president, who barely has he set foot on the tarmac of Orly airport, that he writes a tweet pest against its host Emmanuel Macron. The New York judge “very offensive” the remarks of the French president, who had called three days earlier, the creation of a european army. The tone was set.

Received Saturday morning at the Elysée palace, Donald Trump was keen to stress that he still considered himself the head of the French State as a “very good friend” with whom he was “looking forward to spend a couple of days”. Both have played the appeasement, but the stage was set.

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” LIVE – Centenary of the Armistice: live the day of 11 November 1918, the hour-by-hour

• Saturday: Trump cancels his visit to an american cemetery because of the rain

After his lunch with Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee the u.s. president was scheduled to visit the american cemetery of Bois-Belleau, in the Aisne, situated about a hundred kilometres north-east of Paris. In the early afternoon, the White House announced that it was cancelling this trip due to… bad weather. Officially, the helicopter of the president could not take off due to weather conditions.

The chief of staff of the White House, John Kelly, a retired general of the Marine Corps, his wife, and the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had replaced Donald Trump. Until dinner with the couple Macron at the Musée d’orsay, the american president was nothing in the program.

The decision of Donald Trump has been strongly criticised, some saw it as a form of carelessness or a lack of respect vis-à-vis the soldiers who died in combat and those who went to see the american president.

Ben Rhodes, a former close advisor to Barack Obama on foreign affairs, was so surprised on Twitter that no alternative option has been provided in advance.

The entourage of the former american president, moreover, has not failed to relay a video of 2017 where we see the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau letting go of his umbrella to feel the rain, the drops and the discomfort of ending up wet,” as were the soldiers.

the Irony of fate: a “cemetery of forgotten” was inaugurated Saturday at… Cadillac (who is also the brand of the car of Trump) in New Aquitaine.

• Saturday: the Cadillac of Trump enfume the Macron

This is a picture that makes sense, a year and a half after that Trump has left the Paris agreement on climate. While the couple Trump is getting ready to leave the Elysée palace, the exhaust of the impressive car of the american president issued a thick white smoke that has smoky Emmanuel and Bridget Macron, who came along to take her home…

The couple Macron raccompagnant the Trump leaving the Élysée palace (LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP • Saturday: Trump avoid the photographers in front of the musée d’orsay

Guests at the gala dinner at the Musée d’orsay, the couple Trump would have decided to avoid the photographers and the cameras on their arrival and would have entered through the back of the museum. In contrast to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

This had not prevented the couple Trump to get your photograph taken inside the Orsay Museum with the president Erdogan.

• Sunday: Trump goes back to the Champs-Élysées all alone

Sunday, Donald Trump has decided to do band. Unlike all the other international leaders, the american president is not rendered in front of the Arc de triomphe by bus but in his own car. Officially, “for security reasons”, replied the White House. It took, however, a bleuet de France, symbol of French memory of the war veterans.

His arrival was disrupted by the activists Femen, who have successfully passed through the barriers, shouting, “fake peace maker” (“false peacemaker”). The three women were quickly arrested by the police.

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The convoy of Donald Trump AFP • Sunday: Trump goes to a cemetery rather than at the Forum in la Villette

Waited at The Villette for the Forum on peace initiated by Emmanuel Macron, the president of the us, has preferred to go to the american cemetery in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine). A way to catch up after having cancelled a trip to the cemetery of Bois-Belleau (Aisne)? Donald Trump concluded the weekend by a lovely foot-of-nose to Emmanuel Macron: “This moment (in the cemetery of Suresnes, france) is really the best time of these two days,” said the president of the United States at the close of his speech.

Donald Trump is gathering in front of the grave of the american soldiers, at the cemetery of Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine). CARLOS BARRIA/REUTERS