Deadly shots were fired in front of an Oslo nightclub during the night. Two people died and several were injured, some seriously. According to AFP, the police are investigating a “terrorist attack”.

Two people were killed in gunshots outside a nightclub in the Norwegian capital Oslo. There were also several seriously injured, the police in Oslo tweeted early on Saturday morning. Shortly after the incident, a person was arrested near the crime scene. According to the Norwegian broadcaster NRK, head of operations Tore Barstad said everything indicated that it was a lone perpetrator. There were three seriously injured. 21 people had received medical care.

According to the broadcaster, there were at least three crime scenes. As the police announced on Saturday morning, according to AFP, they are investigating on suspicion of a “terrorist attack”. The police initially did not provide any information about the age or the identity of the arrested person. According to the NRK, he should be known to the police.

Deadly shots in Oslo: eyewitnesses report

The arrested person has not yet commented. The police searched his home, NRK reported. Firearms were used in the attack, two of which were seized, NRK quoted Barstad as saying. A reporter who was an eyewitness said he saw a man with a bag approach the scene, took a gun and started shooting. There was a panic in the nightclub, the station quoted another eyewitness as saying.

Aftenposten newspaper reported that Londoner Pub nightclub is located on a popular street in central Oslo. Several shots were fired in the gay nightclub. Civilians helped arrest the suspect, the newspaper reported, citing the police. The Pride Parade is supposed to take place in Oslo for the 40th time on Saturday. The organizers have set up a crisis management team and announced in the morning that the Pride events have been cancelled.