Occasional mistakes in transfers do occur. A worker in Chile has now received a significantly higher shortfall than is usual. And took the opportunity.

Being taken care of in one fell swoop – every week this idea entices people to play the lottery and dream of winning big. For a man from Chile, the windfall came out of the blue: he was paid 330 times his salary in one fell swoop. But the company’s attempts to get it back have so far been in vain.

This is reported by the Chilean financial website “Diario Financiero”. Accordingly, the man had worked at the Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), a sausage company in his home country. In May, the human resources department apparently made a simple but all the more momentous mistake: Instead of transferring his usual monthly salary of 500,000 Chilean pesos (about 550 euros), 165,898,851 pesos, i.e. almost 170,000 euros, landed in his account in one fell swoop.

Serious error

According to the newspaper, when the employee noticed the error, he immediately contacted his manager. After all, it wasn’t just a small transposed number: the employee had been paid his salary for 27.5 years in one fell swoop. It was only when this supervisor reported to the HR department that the error was even noticed there.

“We informed the employee that this transfer does not match the salary agreed with him,” the newspaper quoted from a company lawsuit against its employee. He was asked to contact the bank about the error. He promised to take care of it early the next day.

When nothing had happened well into the next morning, HR tried to reach him again. Without success. Whether calls or Whatsapp messages: the employee who suddenly became rich could not be got hold of. The message came around 11 a.m. He slept in, the man explained. And would now go to the bank. Then there was radio silence again. Until a few days later, a lawyer contacted the company to hand in the man’s resignation.

Since then, the bank has been trying to locate him. But apparently there is no trace. The last stand is a complaint from the company – for embezzlement.

Quelle: Financial Journal