Amazon has raised the minimum order value to 39 euros. If you are below that, you have to shell out at least 2.99 euros for shipping costs. But: With a trick, these shipping costs can be saved even without a Prime subscription.

Amazon has raised the minimum order value for free delivery to 39 euros. It used to be 29 euros. The new fee schedule can be found on an updated company info page.

Amazon minimum order value does not apply to Prime customers

If an order does not exceed the limit of 39 euros, shipping costs of 2.99 to 4.99 euros will be charged. This is particularly annoying if you just need a cable or smaller items that don’t even come close to the value Amazon wants.

In general, this limit only applies to customers who have not taken out a Prime subscription. Anyone who shells out 8.99 euros a month for membership will continue to get free (and faster) shipping on most items, among other things. If you do not use Prime, you would theoretically have to order more for free delivery.

Years ago there was the so-called “book trick” for exactly this situation. By adding a cheap tome, which can sometimes be found for as little as a euro, especially on Amazon’s second-hand marketplace, the entire order qualified for free shipping. It does not work anymore. The book shipping is still free, but only if you really only order the book.

Amazon without Prime: How to save on shipping costs

There is currently only one method of ordering goods for a few euros without shipping costs. If you decide when ordering not to specify your own address as the destination, but a pick-up station, Amazon will waive the fees.

It’s very simple: Place an item in the shopping cart that qualifies for free delivery once the minimum order value has been reached. These are usually all products that Amazon itself sells or ships. On the overview pages, the offers can also be filtered according to this criterion. Just click on “Free Shipping by Amazon”.

Put the desired item in the shopping cart and go to the checkout. If you now choose a pick-up station when choosing the shipping address, shipping is completely eliminated. Collection stations can be Amazon Locker, DHL Packstations, post offices or Hermes shops. Especially in big cities, the way is often not far.

If you absolutely want delivery to your front door and are only slightly below the minimum order value, adding so-called filler items is a good idea. Hygiene items such as toothpaste, tampons or deodorant sprays are particularly popular for “filling up” the shopping basket, but also office items such as adhesive tape or a new ballpoint pen.

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