Princes William and Harry are reuniting for the first time in a long time at the Jubilee. So far they have avoided taking pictures together. The two brothers also sat far apart during the service. So far no signs of a rapprochement.

Actually, only one person should be the focus of attention this weekend in Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II, whose 70th anniversary of the throne in the kingdom is being celebrated with numerous events. But with the return of Prince Harry, who has traveled to his old homeland with his wife and children, much of the attention has shifted from the 96-year-old monarch to the guests from the New World: How would the renegade royals be received by the family ? And will the two brothers, whose once intimate relationship has recently cooled off noticeably, come closer?

The first two days of the festival weekend already gave an indication of the reputation of the Californian guests. To put it succinctly: You don’t get the impression that they were missed in the kingdom. It has long been known that Harry and Meghan are not wanted on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the end of the “Trooping the Color” parade. Prince Charles’ youngest son had to watch the air show from the window with a few smaller family members, while his brother William was allowed to stand on the balcony with his wife Catherine and the children right next to the Queen. There was no joint photo of the two.

The Queen was absent from the service

Then on Friday was the “Service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s Reign” at St. Paul’s Cathedral. How big the distance between the brothers is now could also be measured spatially this morning. While Prince William sat in the first row near the aisle, right next to his father Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the second-born had to be content with a seat in the second row. Not behind his brother, though – Harry was sitting on the other side. Much further away would hardly have been possible.

It is not known whether there were talks behind the scenes away from the cameras and whether the brothers came closer. But the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry refused to share a reconciliation photo for the world to see and instead sent a clear sign of their distance speaks volumes.