Your Majesty, we have questions. Many questions. 70 to be precise – on the occasion of her throne jubilee. For example: Do you have a passport? Which place do you still want to see? Who should be the next James Bond? And can we get an interview?

No other person in the world combines the concentrated history of the last 100 years like the British Queen. She has met popes and dictators, been briefed by 14 prime ministers, shook hands with almost every British pop giant and in her time on the throne lost the greatest colonial empire in human history. She knows Ronald Reagan’s perfume, knows how small Mother Theresa is and how strong Barack Obama’s handshake is. In short: There are probably very few people who have more to tell than Elizabeth II.

Unfortunately, she hardly gives any interviews, even though we have so many questions for her. 70 are coming now – and we will deliver the answers later. Sometime.