70th throne anniversary: ​​Prince Harry and Meghan: While the others are still celebrating the Queen, they secretly bend


    No more royal pomp and glamor: The two drop-out royals Prince Harry and Meghan had to experience that in the last few days. While the royal family was still celebrating at the graduation parade, the Americans by choice quickly thinned out.

    “The show must go on” seems not only to be the motto of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th jubilee, but also that of the working royal family. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan decided to leave the British royal family more than two years ago. The consequence is that during the past big holidays they seemed like unpopular visiting relatives and in a way they made off while everyone was celebrating on Sunday.

    While the Queen waved again in a green costume in the color of hope from the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were long in the air towards California. At 1.30pm UK time they departed from Farnborough Airport in the UK on a private jet. Although the children of the two were not seen during their stay in London, eyewitnesses are said to have seen children’s equipment being unloaded from the private jet, according to the “Daily Mail”. In addition, Prince Harry’s expression is said to have been “not amused” and grim when he arrived on American soil.

    Prince Harry and Meghan: only one official appearance during the throne jubilee

    They are said to have landed at 6 p.m. California time and were chauffeured to their home in Montecito in a black Range Rover. During the four-day anniversary celebrations, the couple officially only attended the memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral. She was only seen talking to Zara Tindall, Harry’s cousin, all other members of the royal family seemed to avoid her. The couple could also be seen at the Trooping the Colors parade last Thursday, but only through a window. They were not allowed to step onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace due to their exit from the royal family.

    Prince Harry and his wife are said to have received strict conditions for their stay in Great Britain in advance, which should also have recorded that they should not be seen for other public activities. They spent most of their time at Frogmore Cottage, where they also celebrated their daughter Lilibet’s first birthday on Saturday.

    A rather sad fringe event when you consider that the Queen is already 96 years old and at this advanced age you never know if there will be a chance of seeing you again.

    Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun