The hashtag is popular on social media, especially on TikTok

The challenge was created by podcaster and entrepreneur Andy Frisella.

It’s about a health challenge in which strict rules are adhered to for over 75 days. If you break the rule, you have to start all over again – pretty hard.

This extremely strict approach is by no means for everyone – and this is where its opposite comes into play: the “75 Soft Challenge”.

The “75 Soft Challenge” should be more realistic and can also be integrated into a hectic everyday life.

In contrast to the “75 Hard Challenge”, it is allowed to make changes to the program. The rules are simply there to provide a structure for everyday life in order to develop good habits.

If you can’t follow the rules one day, just try to get back into your routine the next day.

The original for this article “Simple method gets you fit – even without hard training” comes from FitForFun.