75 years of the historic Declaration: benefit from the defeat but not anymore

75 years ago in Berlin was signed the document which marked the end of the war in Europe. The victorious powers adopted a “Declaration of the defeat of Germany”. The German government completely lost their sovereignty, all power passed into the hands of the allies. It was assumed that temporary. In the future Germany were to remain harmless from a military point of view, but one. However, after a few years on the world map appeared first Germany and later the GDR.

Berlin is a quiet area on the outskirts of Berlin. 75 years ago to Marshal Zhukov to the headquarters of the 1st Byelorussian front — in this house it was — arrived allies: U.S. General Eisenhower, British field Marshal Montgomery and the representative of the provisional government of France, General de Lattre De Tassigny. Almost a month ago, Germany surrendered, it’s time to define the rights of the winners and the losers obligations.

In the preamble to the “Declaration of the defeat of Germany” it was assigned the responsibility for the outbreak of war, and the defeat completely subjugated the German people to the will of the allies. Followed by 15 articles of the Declaration, which passed under allied control all the movable and immovable. The allied Nations had received absolute power within their zones of occupation, defined at the Yalta conference. It only remained for him to leave.

“it So happened that at the end of the war the Germans stopped fighting on the Western front, and British and American troops entered the regions that were supposed to be in the Soviet zone of occupation. And Churchill insisted that they did not go there, so they stayed there though, as a lever of pressure on the Soviet Union. And so the signing of this agreement is largely really merit the Soviet side and American that went largely against Churchill”, — said the Deputy of the state Duma Vyacheslav Nikonov.

But then there is a system of differences in views on the future of Germany. USSR conducts the Nazisonalization industry and completely cleans the whole Nazi element from the controls.

the Western allies carried out the democratization and denazification, relying on the bureaucracy and the entrepreneurial class of the Third Reich. The Western occupation zone merge — first, the Americans and British form Bizonia, then they are joined by the French, and it turns out Trizonia.

In 1948, the allies make a radical step to the dismemberment of Germany introduce the new brand, and in 1949, Trizonia converted in Germany.

USSR responds with creation of the GDR, although even then Stalin did not give up attempts to restore the German unity, which assumed a neutral status for Germany. The US is not satisfied.

“the fact that Americans, it was important to maintain its presence in Europe. I remind you that in September 1946 the then US Secretary of state Byrnes spoke in Stuttgart at the meeting of the military governors of Germany and there is a direct text said that no American soldier will be released in Germany, yet it is at least one of the Soviet soldiers. In fact, he said that we invaded and will occupy Germany. And you notice, when our troops were withdrawn during the Yeltsin from Germany, Americans in Germany and remained,” — said Yevgeny Spitsyn, a historian.

In 1954, West Germany joins NATO, and the GDR becomes part of the military-political structure of the Soviet bloc — the Warsaw Pact. There is no sense to retell the history of the cold war in 1991, Stalin’s idea of German unity was realized, but on the American scenario.

the East came the West German elite. She brought not just bourgeois views on everything, but a specific philosophy.

“They then came up with a word in German called schicksallgemeinschaft — we belong together and aren’t going anywhere here — we have such a fate. Today the question is this schicksallgemeinschaft — common destiny, he further strengthened the European elite, due to the fact that the Americans are really skillfully operate on them as its soft power, voluntarily want to be a part of this Pax Americano in Europe”, — concluded the scientist Alexander Rahr.

do Not think about global problems, it is not necessary to care about security do not need a national idea, if you have the American dream, and complete loyalty is an expensive commodity, while there is a demand.

Germany has learned how to extract the positives out of the defeat and get pleasure from the occupation. And only now, 75 years later, with the arrival of trump, the Germans slowly begin to get to know the dark sides.