Which image of masculinity we develop is already decided at a young age. Children’s book author Felix Treder has therefore now written the children’s book “Really now?!?! 99 stupid lies about boys”. A stern interview about what a young man would have liked to know earlier about masculinity and feminism.

The blue confetti from the Gender Reveal Party has only just landed on the floor when the parents are already mentally preparing themselves for playing soccer in the garden. A lot seems clear before birth: boys can’t write beautifully, boys don’t like flowers, boys are brave, boys love beer, boys have to feed the family later, boys only ever want sex, boys have to have a big penis, boys have to have it make the first step, boys hate shopping, boys have to be handymen, boys like girls, boys don’t wear make-up, boys are always boys. Boys are like that. Can not do anything.