Diagon Alley doesn’t actually exist, it only exists in the imagination of numerous “Harry Potter” fans who wish to visit the magical street. Fancy a fictional shopping spree? Here we go.

“Harry Potter” fans don’t have to think twice when they hear the term Diagon Alley. Young and old shop everything a magician’s heart desires in the fictitious shopping street. From wands to books, brooms and magical beings. Diagon Alley (originally: “Diagon Alley”) is the main shopping street in London for witches and wizards.

Those in the know know Diagon Alley is not open to the public. You can only reach them by magical means. Either via the Floo Network, by Apparating, or via a magically openable portal in the backyard of The Leaky Cauldron pub. There is a brick wall there and only those who know the magic code can enter Diagon Alley through an ever-expanding archway. How about spending a day following the footsteps of a magician and exploring Diagon Alley? This shopping guide provides an overview of possible destinations.

Confusingly similar to Diagon Alley

If you want to get a somewhat realistic impression of the fictional Diagon Alley, you should take a look at the alley “The Shambles” in York, England. The city is located in the north of the country and is characterized not only by a city wall that encircles almost the entire city and a well-known cathedral, but also by a small street that looks confusingly similar to Diagon Alley from “Harry Potter”. There are even parking spaces for brooms and shops for “Harry Potter” fans with various gadgets.

Well-known shops of Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley is not only home to numerous magical creatures, but also many shops selling books, stationery, groceries, sporting goods and all imaginable wizarding supplies. Aspiring wizards and witches visit the winding alley for the first time and can stock up on school books and school supplies for classes at Hogwarts. In addition, there are many other shops in Diagon Alley (shops only known from the books):

Let’s go: Fictional shopping tour through Diagon Alley

Of course, the goods of the Zauberergasse do not exist in reality. But what is really available for purchase are numerous gadgets for fans of the “Harry Potter” universe. You can find a selection here.

Quidditch is THE sport in the wizarding world. Hardly any other game is as fast-paced and magical as playing with the brooms. It goes without saying that a stroll through Diagon Alley requires a detour to the “Quality for Quidditch” sporting goods store. For example, you could buy a miniature Quidditch game here.

In the Wizarding Bookstore Flourish

Harry’s faithful companion is his owl Hedwig. The snowy owl not only delivers his mail, but is also his ally. Fans could find their own owl at the Eulenkaufhaus in Diagon Alley. Not a real one, of course, but a cuddly plush Hedwig.

Of course, the wizard and witch of the world does not always wear just a cloak or a hat. Fashion-conscious magicians can dress up for various occasions in the Madam Malkins shop. Garments in the design of the various Hogwarts houses are certainly popular.

Wizards and witches cannot practice their craft without a wand. Of course, fans must therefore pay a visit to the traditional wand shop Ollivanders and be chosen by their wand.

Enchanted tricks and joke articles cannot be transported into reality. However, it would be conceivable to buy some magical snacks such as the chocolate frog or Bertie Botts beans.

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