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A judge orders the White House to reinstate access to Jim Acosta of CNN


A federal judge in Washington Friday ordered the White House to restore the accreditation of a CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who had been deprived of access to the presidency of the United States after an exchange of heated with Donald Trump. “That’s enough, go to the microphone”, was launched by the president Trump to CNN journalist after this exchange stretched.

An employee of the White House is trying to snatch his microphone to a reporter of CNN – Watching on Figaro Live

“I ordered (the White House) to immediately restore the accreditation of Mr. Acosta”, stated this on Friday, judge Timothy Kelly.

Donald Tump says that Jim Acosta is “very unprofessional” – to Look on Figaro Live

This injunction with temporary effect is a victory for the string of rolling news and its star reporter.

On November 7, he had lost his precious sesame, after having refused for a time to make his microphone, starting again with insistence Donald Trump at a press conference organized in the aftermath of the mid-term elections. The president refused to answer a question about the “caravan” of central American migrants en route to the u.s. border. An employee of the White House had intervened physically trying to retrieve the microphone from his hands. In the wake of this event, Donald Trump was declared to be the intention of the journalist: “CNN should be ashamed to employ you, you are very rude and a bad person”.

The chain had “assigned the administration to Trump justice in a federal court in Washington, Wednesday, calling for “the restoration of the accreditation of the correspondent-in-chief in the White House, Jim Acosta”. “It is very clear that the decision (to withdraw the accreditation of Jim Acosta) has been taken on the basis of the content of its coverage,” said Ted Boutrous, a lawyer for CNN, arguing that this decision portrait infringement of the first amendment on the freedom of expression. Judge Kelly, who has made his decision on Friday, stated that he had not pronounced on the merits, merely take an order of emergency. “I want to insist on the fact that I have not dealt with the question of a violation of the First amendment”, he added.

CNN welcomed the decision in a joint statement with Jim Acosta on Twitter: “We are pleased with this result and we look forward to finding a long-term solution in the coming days. We thank all those who have given us their support, not only CNN but american press is free, strong and independent.”