The Penis and the testicles of the patient are swollen. In some Places, the skin flakes off. The 41-Year-old reported that the complaints of the day were using previously. His genitals were swollen. The Doctors measure of 38.6 degrees Celsius body temperature, the man is in a fever.

Additional problems of the Patient, who works in the agriculture. On demand, he answered in the negative, cough, Nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or difficulty breathing. His heart beats normal, blood pressure is not increased, the breathing on a regular basis.

The doctors in the first Hospital of Jilin University, Changchun inquire about previous illnesses. The only eye-Catching, the man mentioned: He’s been drinking since ten years ago, alcohol regularly.

the 41-Year-old is Suffering perhaps under a so-called hydrocele, in which fluid builds up in the testicles? Through an ultrasound, the Doctors to go to this suspicion, but he was not confirmed. The fluid collections are in the lower area of the skin, not in deeper layers of tissue, such as in the case of a hydrocele.

Flashy blood values

A blood test shows elevated levels of a liver enzyme, also some important electrolytes such as Calcium are in the normal range. In his blood a few swimming platelets for the clotting of important blood. Also, the number of red blood cells is slightly reduced. In addition, the blood acidifies.

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The Doctors administer to the man intravenously various substances in order to normalize the values. In addition he receives active substances to support his liver. Because you are worried that the man could get an infection, they administer to him, as a precaution, antibiotics.

But what is behind the complaints? In the case report in the journal “Urology Case Reports” to give the Doctors Kaimin Guo openly: you have no idea.

What is the Patient first, not mentioned

the solution to The puzzle that brings another ultrasound, no CT, no lab test. But a conversation with the Patients. The Patient is told that he expelled the so-called herbicide Acetochlor, without wearing gloves. After this he had drunk alcohol and twice urinated. He had not mentioned this on the first day, because he uses the weed killer every year and the event, therefore, no meaning assigned.

However, the Doctors recognize the cause of his problems: He took the middle, obviously through the skin. When Urinating, it came from his unprotected hands on his Penis, penetrated the skin and small blood vessels in the bloodstream, where it affected then red blood cells and platelets are damaged and the liver function.

In the next two weeks, the man is cared for more by a physician, he is gradually recovering, the swelling subsided slowly, and his blood values are in the normal range. After a month the Doctors note in the case of a control date of no more abnormalities.