Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job log” to tell people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“My Job is to imagine me songs for other musicians. I compose the melodies and write the lyrics. Stars such as Beatrice Egli sing my songs, and publish them on CDs, to contact you in the TV and play them at concerts.

When I tell people about my Job, I often hear: ‘Schlager? Wouldn’t you say that to you!’ But I like my songs, because I find it technically well. As in any industry, you have to specialize, and I Pop and Schlager are – although I hear private rather electric. to compose

A song is a wonderful feeling. I feel every Time a deep joy when it is finished. Really. And you know the exchange with other creative people, learn exciting people. That’s why I’m doing this.

Songwriting is a craft

The first ideas for my songs, I actually find everywhere. You just have to keep my eyes open. For example, if a Store claims to be the number one place, then you can turn the and the result was ‘You’re my number one’. Then I spin a story, and so is the sign of a business, a love song.

The hook is hit in a particularly important. This is the catchy part of the song, often the chorus, and sometimes a sing-along part or a keyboard melody. The Hook decides about the success of the song – as in the case of Helene Fischer, the exposed ‘Breathless’. To me it is always important to find a Hook that remains to the people immediately in the head and you can sing along to, even after two glasses of wine.

of Course, anyone can land a lucky hit. But Songwriting is a craft. You have to know the song structures and a feeling for the tension. This is true for a ballad in the same way as for a ball, man Hit.

Per song we have a day time

Many of the hits are now written in Songwriter-Teams. Often there are so-called Writing Camps in which songs for specific artists or Bands. Music publishers or record companies to rent premises for a Studio with multiple Shooting. In each of these rooms, two to three songwriters sit and to write within one day to a song.

in The Morning there is a Briefing. Since the record company or the Management explains in which direction the next Album will go. After that, the Teams get to work, exchange ideas, develop melodies, the Playback, the Text. Already in the morning, the Hook, and the rough sound should be scaffolding. Then the verses and other instruments.

in The afternoon, someone sings the Song, best the artists themselves. But if the are not there, makes one of the songwriters. It is only a Demo. In the evening all the Teams, what they have thought of present themselves. Then, it comes down to the reaction of the record company.

it happened to Me only once that a Team didn’t work at all. In General, it works well: Everyone brings different Strengths in a Session. The Briefings, however, are sometimes misleading. There are strange requirements. Once it was said, the music should sound like Amy Winehouse, but combined with the Credibility of Andreas Bourani. At the end, of course, there was not one usable Song.

stars at the buffet

Between the shock artists, there are large differences. The word choice, the themes – the work with Roland Kaiser, unlike Vanessa may. He is an experienced man, a Mittzwanzigerin, and must also be in the songs reflect

In the ideal case, the singer composing are also present. Then we can ask questions and the artist can be observed. So you get, how well-known stars are on the buffet and from the wife to operate – a new Input for love songs.

Just the big stars report back with a totally honest with your opinion. Then go through each of the rooms, the first ideas, to sing and to say that it is super or just not your thing.

also Interesting are the other authors are in such Camps. Most of them even come from very different musical Genres. There are also highly decorated rappers, writing songs for pop stars.

100,000 Streams I can buy me Breakfast

The more successful the musician, the better it is for me. As a composer, I get no salary, I work for free. I only make something when my songs are used – and even then I have to wait for a long time.

CD sales there are, however, hardly. And 100,000 Streams, I can buy me a Breakfast. I live as an author, therefore, of the Gema-revenues that arise through concerts, TV appearances or Radio Plays the artist. The corresponding distributions there are, however, always only in the following year, after the Song was used.

Who wants to professionally write hit, should therefore invest time, money, and heart blood. If a Song is taken, I always know when the Album comes out. It often happens that the songs will still be taken in the last second of the list. The record companies decide, and sometimes the artist – but I have no say in the matter. This uncertainty is not always easy for them to plan their lives.

For me, it is also extremely important that my song is the Single. A normal album song bring me hardly anything, at least for most artists. In the case of Helene Fischer that would be different. For their albums, I would also write a short Intro. It would be worth it.

blow fans notice immediately, if someone, a song is not serious

says Because you can never plan, and that the next song will be a Hit, have to generate most of the Songwriter their basic income through other channels. I’ve been working on, for example, for a consulting company, many songwriters are coming from other areas. And only a handful can make a living from composing songs. That is why it is such a pity that there are on the Internet so much hatred against Gema. She finally gathers the money for all the small authors who would otherwise go out empty.

the artists don’t have to write your own songs, but you should know what you want to embody. Unfortunately, there are far too many singers who do not have their own Vision for themselves and just like Helene Fischer. The singing is simply what you, the producer.

For men, there are also a couple of glib types would most like to Bourani. The only sing pop songs, because they think to be successful. However, the Plan does not: shock fans are an intuitive and very honest audience. Not notice immediately if someone is serious about it. Such a singer does not get far – and I write not.”