A political scientist from the United States: the process of racial tensions in America are endless

the fight against racism in the United States will last indefinitely. This opinion was expressed Director of the Center for theological-political studies in the United States Michael Tilman in a live TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to him, before the traditional racism was considered the superiority of one race over another. Now, racism is anything that someone does not like it.

“for Example, the U.S. refused to show the film “gone with the wind”. Someone did not like the romanticizing of slavery, he said. — Therefore, the process of racial contradictions of American society are endless, and will continue to exacerbate the gap between the two Americas”.

According to the analyst, in the United States have a critical and decisive moment for Democrats, which may affect the upcoming elections. First of all, it stems from the fact that the candidate in US presidents from democratic party Joe Biden promised to offer the post of Vice-President of the country woman.

“Almost certainly it will be with black color skin”, — said the analyst.

Given the fact that Biden’s condition shows the stage of “dementia”, he will not be able to serve a full term (four years) and go for health reasons. And then the Vice-President will automatically become President, says Tilman.

Also, the analyst added that the main argument of election Donald trump for a second term will be the economy, which is now in crisis. It is only at first glance undermines the chances of trump in the election.

“But the most accurate indicator of what is the state of the stock market, he said. It should be noted that the exchange has now won back almost all the losses that occurred as a result of the collapse in February-March.”

as an example, Tilman led 1968, when the US all summer on the streets of the country was going on the “black riots” and “violence”. At that time the stock market underROS, and in the presidential elections were won by Richard Nixon, who spoke under the slogan “Law and order”.

“So, if you believe the stock market, and he rarely wrong — trump has a great chance of re-election for a new term,” concluded the analyst.