Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job-log” telling people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“I wish for more appreciation. My work has changed significantly. Earlier you advised the children that you lost? Then ask the policeman or the postman – is so important, my colleagues and I were for the company.

I would like to have more time for the people. On my Route I meet so many that are old and standing alone, have no one to Talk to. The wait all day for my visit. In France there is a project for the letter carrier, the supply of the Old with. I would hope also for Germany.

I’ve been driving for years on the same Route and know most of the residents here. If someone dies, I’m sad, of course. My colleagues, many of the people in the streets know, if you drive over the years on the same Route. For me, the roads in which I discharge letters are like my second home.


postal carriers do not like change. I should take a different Route because I defended myself, and me fortunately. On my Route there are some High – and multi-family houses and a few cottages. I think it’s good, because we get per Person a certain period of time, the letters need to unsubscribe. In the case of individual houses it is necessary to run but a lot more.

Since then, the Post is a joint-stock company, the working conditions harder. Some of our colleagues were dismissed, and the employee a new fixed-term contracts. Sickness absences are registered by the heads of suspicious. I know very many, the fight with the flu or a cold on a bike swing, and letters – for fear of being fired or getting no connection to the contract.

I love my job. I like to be outside, and all the people on my Route know and greet me. I like the most, every day you see all the familiar faces. I see how the children go to Kindergarten, then to school and slowly growing up. It is great to be able to accompany.

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Still, I advise young colleagues to urgently find another Job. The job as a letter carrier makes a break. Many of us have back and joint problems. In summer, sunburn and in the Winter added to colds, which can lead to a lot of movement quickly, to inflammations of the heart muscle.

Also, the pay is not exactly overwhelming. With my old contract, I earn a net of 2100 Euro per month to work a 38.5 hour work week. Younger colleagues get on average 500 euros less than I do.

I have been working for over 30 years as a postman. After school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Prefer something Simple, without a lot of responsibility and Stress, I thought. My Cousin has started as a postman and found it good. Because I applied and was hired.

movement guaranteed

five days a week I wear between 7 and 16 at the Post, in the same road section of a major German city. Every Morning, I go point first into the post and sort my letters by postal code, street and house number.

Then I grab me the yellow boxes on the bike and the nozzle. On calm days, there are seven boxes, and the other up to twelve. Before Christmas, I carry up to a ton of Post in the week. The advertising brochures weigh 400 kilograms. Actually, I’m a better prospectus, supplier, letters anyone writes.

Sometimes I would throw love just all the brochures in the trash, I’ve made the but never. But I have heard from colleagues that this should happen. If my colleagues read post cards or letters, I do not know. I would never do that. I have a relationship of trust with my clients, I don’t want to put on the game.

A big advantage is the Radelei but: I can eat what I want. Thick I’ll never. Something seven hours, I’m daily on the road, in scorching heat, storm, hail, rain and snow.

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At the worst it is when temperatures are around freezing point and heavy rain. The drops pelting me in the face and in the back of the neck, after a few minutes, I’m completely frozen. Especially my hands hurt. Actually, I would have to wear gloves to protect you from the weather, but then I can no longer access the from the rain together-adhesive letters and in the letter to throw boxes. I lose time and have to work Overtime, then I am even longer on the road.

another Problem I get when I go to the bathroom. Of course, it is with us in the post office, a toilet, but while I was carrying the letters, I can’t get back there. Most of the time I have to do a tree for my business. Fortunately, there are on my Route are also nice people who let me their toilet use. But to me, it is uncomfortable to ask for it. For my colleagues, the Problem is even greater, because the can’t pee on a tree. I also know some that drink in the service, therefore, nothing more, but that’s not healthy for sure.

dogs and letter carriers don’t like themselves. That doesn’t apply to me. I grew up in the country and love dogs very much. I think the animals feel it, whether someone likes you or not. In my whole career I was never bitten by a dog.”