Mikhail Zadornov, Chairman of the Board FK “Opening”:

“Mishustin twice came in on. He was Deputy head of the tax, appointed in 1999, was responsible for the computerization. And then went into business that the Prime Minister is a big plus. Mishustin has experience in business and understands it well. He then returned to the tax, which during this time had seriously restructured.

Russian tax service is today, of course, from the point of view of information technology and organization processes, the most advanced organ of state power. From the point of view of the effectiveness of our tax — and this is generally accepted — one of the most effective agencies in Russia. And even comparing with other countries, the Russian tax service is one of the best from the point of view of work organization.

And the most important thing in business is not, in fact, essential claims to the tax office that completely changed the situation over the last 20 years.

Previously, this loyalty was not. It is the merit of Mikhail mishustina, and his colleagues at the tax office. He as the Prime Minister has a good understanding of the financial system in General and the Russian business — albeit with a fairly specific point of view of the head of the tax service. Therefore, we, the heads of business organizations expect from the new Prime Minister for a clear programme of actions of the government. This program should stimulate economic growth.”

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Vladimir Lisin, President of the Association “Russian Steel” Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLMK:

“We appreciate the work of Michael mishustina in the post of the head FNS positively. During his leadership of the service had increased when it cameLa the collection of taxes, virtually eliminated schemes used by unscrupulous businesses in the competition, several times reduced the number of field inspections by introducing a risk-based approach. Despite the fact that we had a fairly complex debate, we have always found the joint a civilized decision.”

Sergey Momtsemlidze, CEO of URALCHEM:

“During the work of Michael mishustina in FNS have been many positive changes. For example, the mechanism of data exchange with foreign tax authorities. It’s safe to say that he became an innovator.

Igor Kosarev, the President of the Union of alcohol producers, Vice-President of holding “Russian standard”:

“the Appointment of Michael mishustina is a logical step. The reason is high efficiency and modernity of the tax service of the last decade. Work on is transparency and intellectual, isoorientin approach. Tax collection has increased, technology. Mishustin modern and effective man, and it is now very important.”

Oleg Novikov, President and principal owner of the publishing group “Eksmo-AST”:

“FNS in recent years began to work more professionally, and in the implementation of IT-technologies service ahead of, perhaps, all other state agencies. It is also true that the conditions and organization of the process of working on now — transparent and understandable. I think all these changes the service was sent and realized it Mishustin”.

Viktor Shkulev, President of Hearst Shkulev Group:

“Tax in Russia began to work harder, but noticeably better. Better not only collects, and returns. I see it at work nAsha group, the taxpayers-natural persons. In addition, the tax is now quite well digitized. Personally Mishustin not familiar with, but few friends, which worked closely describe him as a person technologically advanced, modern, capable.”

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Artem Avetisyan, Director of the direction “New business” ASI, included in the public Council at FNS:

“the Nomination of Vladimir Putin for the candidacy of Michael mishustina for the post of Prime Minister, high shows about trust of the President to the head of the tax service and how he appreciates his work in this position.

Under the leadership of the tax service mishustina became available for the real economy due to the optimization of certain processes and the transfer of many services online. Project on online registration of self-employed received a positive response from entrepreneurs — about three or four years ago it was impossible to think. The service was innovative, many of the bureaucratic processes in the past.

mishustina Appointment as Prime Minister will give new impetus to the government, and its success in FNS and experience will contribute to the implementation of national projects”.

Ilshat Nigmatullin, President of GK “Grenelle”:

“Mishustin – qualified specialist in his field and a strong Manager, a strong character in defending their decisions. The Federal tax service under his leadership became more technologically advanced and impressive Institute.

Oleg Zherebtsov, founder of Lenta:

“Mishustin is one of the fewtheir officials, who during his work at the FNS was able to make a huge work to normalize and build a civilized system of taxation. During the work on Mishustin was able to normalize the work of the Ministry, to improve the rules of taxation and to build a strong business”.