Their avatars sang on stage, and Agneta, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid were really celebrated on the red carpet at the premiere party.

They let digital avatars sing and dance on the stage of the ABBA Arena in London. Björn Ulvaeus (77), Benny Andersson (75), Agnetha Fältskog (72) and Anni-Frid Lyngstad (76) also performed in person at the premiere celebration of “ABBA Voyage”. All four members of ABBA showed up together on the red carpet.

A rare sight. Benny and Björn were mainly responsible for promoting the comeback album “Voyage” and the hologram show. In November 2021, the ABBA men stopped by the “Wetten, dass..?” revival.

Prominent guests celebrate the avatars and ABBA itself

“ABBA Voyage” premiered on Thursday. Digitally rejuvenated hologram doubles sing the Swedes’ greatest hits in the purpose-built ABBA Arena in east London. Björn, Agneta, Anni-Fried and Benny were filmed for months using motion capture methods. The show will take place several times a week for the next few months. Tickets are available at entrance prices between the equivalent of 25 euros and 169 euros. Tickets are initially available until December.

According to the “Daily Mail”, among the 3,000 spectators at the premiere were prominent guests such as singer Kylie Minogue (53) and actress Keira Knightley (37). The Swedish royal couple Carl XVI. Gustaf (76) and Silvia (78) were there and celebrated one of their country’s biggest exports.

At the end of the show, not only the avatars received applause. Björn, Agneta, Anni-Fried and Benny entered the stage in person.