About 6% of jobs in Russia remain under restrictions

the Level of openness of the economy of regions of Russia increased to 93.8% from dekorativnogo values, estimated by the Ministry of economic development.

“In June, the process of the abolition of restrictions aimed at combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection, continued. The index of openness of regional economies, we expect the Ministry of economic development, as of June 17 reached to 93.8% (compared with the April low of 71.3 per cent)”, — soabased in the review of the Ministry “picture of the business activity”.

In late April, economy of regions were maximally closed: almost 28% of jobs in the country were subject to restrictions.

the Index is calculated from April of this year, when a quarantine was imposed and takes into account workers in sectors of the economy that are not under restriction to the total number of the economically active population of the region.

the Russian regions gradually began to remove restrictions in may under the coordination of the government. Regional leaders are responsible for making decisions about the removal of restrictions or an extension with the situation.

on June 8, according to the Ministry of economic development 27 regions moved to the first stage of the removal of restrictions, 23 regions in the second.