About the pandemic, a large-scale crisis and heroes. A candid interview with the President

the First three months of the pandemic an interview with the President of Russia gave to the TV channel “Russia 1”. Vladimir Putin told how he had lined up the work of the authorities, as he himself worked remotely and was ready the country for a pandemic.

– Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich. During this time we have the defenders of the Fatherland and the doctors, and the military has honed his skills in construction and disinfection. In your opinion, at this stage managed to protect the homeland?

– of course. The number of cases of coronavirus we occupy, in my opinion, third place, and the number of victims – sorry! I offer my condolences to all who lost their loved ones – one of the lowest rates in the world. Yet, thank God, it is. I hope that it will. Maybe it would be even better the situation is in fact improving us. So, no doubt, we managed to fulfil the task we have set for ourselves: to protect citizens from this plague, against this danger, from this infection.

– When it all began, in your view, how our country was ready for this pandemic? How did you prepare?

– in Advance, to be ready for such events can only be the result of systematic work of previous years. Not even years, but decades. It depends on the health system. Despite our conversion, the feasibility of which is often questioned, after all you saved was important. Our system — can we agree not to agree, but it is a fact that happened — turned out to be flexible and mobilization. Of course, we have a very good level of training. We know we keep talking about it, that narrow experts do not suffice, you need to raise the level of medical training. But overall, it turned out that our country meets the challenges faced by the whole world.

Time to react to what is happening in the world, and the border crossing points were closed, we Treatyrelish with our Chinese friends that we will act a certain way. In General, we proactively began to prepare for a possible wide spread infection, and this yielded results.

– Here in this moment really the threat was felt? After all, remember March, February, many people in the world, in General, treat this infection as “there is something in China is” in General, hee-hee and ha-ha, what is called.

– Yes, it was. Take what have happened in Africa with Ebola, too it seemed: it is too far and does not concern us. But our scientists in our leading research centres have been actively working on a vaccine. And our Ebola vaccine was the most efficient in the world. So it is here. As soon as the danger is looming on the horizon, we immediately began to react.

– For you what was the most difficult during this time?

– You know, I, as a rule, when we are faced with some problems, not isolated, that there is the most difficult, the easiest. I just assume one of those problems that exist now. That need to be addressed first. But first and foremost had to take care of life and health of citizens. And I had to make decisions as quickly as possible to the solution of this problem.

Is not was too high risk a visit to the red zone in Kommunarka?

– No, I don’t think. The first thing I wanted to see, to see with my own eyes how it all works. One thing to know on the reports, and another – to come to see. I always, in principle, did so. Everywhere. Wherever anything was happening. But before you go there, of course, I consulted with experts, found the safest way to visit the red zone, were accordingly equipped, as you saw. However, this equipment did not prevent the chief doctor of this hospital is ill – it’s true. Well, it happens like this the risk I meant was that it is possible. But then Mishustin had been sick, so a certain degree of freedom of behavior at the highest levels, she had. But I thought it justified.

the risk is Not justified when it is not needed. When we were severe events in the Caucasus, there a lot in the combat zone. I remember we almost at low level flight was flying across the terrain by helicopter. Blades almost touched there for the land. I said, “Why are we risking so much?”. He says: “If we climb higher, the risk will be even greater because we’ve become a good target for the Stingers that were there from terrorists”. This risk of this strafing, he was acquitted. In this case. As well as the risk of visiting other combat zones, when I saw that they’re shooting at us with tracer bullets. But I need to be there. And here I had to be at the hospital and see how everything is organized. So I don’t think he was unjustified.

– And you didn’t try to stop from going in the red zone?

– Well, I certainly tried. Of course. Not that tried — all were against it.

– do You often pass the tests for coronavirus?

– Regularly. I don’t know, every three days, four.

– All the negative?

– Thank God, Yes.

You have wondered why is humanity such a test?

– This is not the only test. In the Middle ages there and cholera.

But if our life is a test…

– Well, our memories may be, there was, in addition, a wide distribution – it’s true. But what is the reason? I hate to say some harsh words, misplaced, perhaps, will be the General public. But somehow all accustomed to the fact that everything is so consistently good. All of it happened: someone who directs, someone thinks, what drives the world, and it turned out that it is not. And here is the awareness that circumstances, in my opinionlooking extremely important.

the characters:

– speaking of which, I had not for a moment doubt that our doctors will behave exactly as heroic as they behaved. I don’t know even why, the feeling was absolute some of these people.

Military engineers — were very fine people among them. I just now came up with the fate of General Karbysheva — that’s one of the characters. By the way, another Royal officer, who served then in the Soviet army, and he was offered when he was captured, his service in the Wehrmacht, and as a specialist, because he was an authority on fortifications of world level. He chose a Martyr’s death treason. As you know, its alive in the cold filled with water, it just froze. Hero! Here, a military Builder. In the 90s there was a lot closed, closed, redeveloped, funded. Now we have recreated this military construction branch, and see how it works. Just, what is called in magic, 16 centers from built. Less than two months in some cases. Brand-new, right modern centers with full equipment.

– And how builders can build in two months, when all your meetings say that stroikomplektatsiya for 16 months claim?

– They are military! They have no time to tell about these documents. But they do all the quality.

About remote work:

– To a certain extent is really a trial because I love to communicate with people. Here it gives me inner satisfaction – direct contact with people. But I knew that circumstances require changes to the operating mode schedule. There is another circumstance. I have introduced such a rule: the President and the Prime Minister never fly in the same plane and not even flying at the same time, even on different planes. Because we have a special responsibility for the situation in countriesE. And when it became clear that the Prime Minister, unfortunately, has been sick, I just had to act very carefully and properly to build your work schedule.

About the power of Russia:

– Here is the Dagestan Republic was in a difficult situation, and the whole country came to his aid. And the army went, and MOE went, doctors from all Moscow went there. This is the power of Russia! The strength of our multinational state, multinational people. Need to hold on to it.


– This does not mean that we have no other problems, we have to work on that and improving the situation in primary care has not disappeared. We will do this.

– will it be financed? An important program.

– We have a lot of resources sent right now to fight the epidemic, created a lot of additional places, even built a new clinic. That is designed specifically to combat the coronavirus, even created on a temporary basis, I recommended to many of our colleagues in the regions to keep.

– Saving lives or rescuing the economy, which is also in the end of life: reserves for years saving up for development. And then such a storm. You doubt? This difficult choice was given?

No. The life and health of citizens are the basis of every state. Of any state. And we, with our territories with our demographic problems is the problem of problems, the question of questions, it is absolutely a priority thing. The main thing — to save the lives and health of people, then the rest of the problems we solve. All this will follow.

– what were you thinking when you heard these disgruntled cries that say, who is destined to recover, those you overcome, and we have something to do with it? Our work, our lives comfortable, to which we are accustomed?

– I think it’s not a very Mature statement, and I think that people who so believed, and still believe, after all, will eventually agree with my position. Ultimately still more important than the lives of loved ones it corresponds to the moral code of Russian citizens. Regardless, incidentally, of religious affiliation and nationality. We all live on the same space for a thousand years. When you say: “I will be healthy or have been ill easily, and there though the grass not to grow” – it is a manifestation of individualism inherent in the West. And anyone who thinks otherwise, when they see that we gradually still leave the strip of difficulties, in my opinion,in the shower, too, agree with the position that I outlined.

When you every day brought reports of the actual stop of the next major industries: aircraft do not fly, trains do not go almost, the business is not working, oil prices actually fell for the first time in history to negative values, someone out there did pay extra to only this oil somewhere in the kept — hands did not fall from the fact that everything is falling apart?

I’m in this position are already not the first year that have no right even to think at all, and in a critical situation, moreover, can give up. On the contrary, such a situation everyone — and me, and those people who are close to me are and work to mobilize for the solution of the tasks facing the country.

– In your memory because there were a lot of crises. On your personal scale this is the biggest crisis?

– this is Probably one of the most ambitious and really quite heavy, because the epidemic is very wide, a lot of people sick and is still sick. This is a huge burden on the health care system, it’s huge, people who work there. And the second, of course, the whole industry stopped. As you rightly said, the planes do not fly all the aircraft on the ground. Not fly at all. Trains stopped. Well, of course, anxiety could not occur. Still, with all this, I’m realistic about our abilities came from the fact that they are such today that we have every chance, if we correctly and timely dejstvoAMB, go with the least losses this difficult period in our development.

Our experts from the first days, that’s when the epidemic began, immediately said: the main issue in socio-economic sphere will be unemployment. The key link in the entire system support real sector of economy is that? Support the preservation of jobs. We primarily assist those companies and those sectors of the economy that keep jobs and wages.

and, finally, direct assistance to citizens, payment for children from 3 to 7 years, and then all without exception to families with children under 16, i.e. 15 years, is also intended to support Russian families.

– And was not, by the way, those who objected to the same direct payments?

I did, of course. Because some colleagues on the basis of the so-called economic expediency believed that this should not be done, that is sufficient to support affected industries and enterprises. But I felt that it was still the wrong approach, because in modern conditions is not enough to support the business have to support the people directly. Because as a business there acting a hundred percent we can’t guarantee that. There are different heads of the enterprises, the owners. Therefore people should be supported, and parallel – to- business.

this Whole set of measures in the field of health and in the area of social support, and the economy, in my opinion, quite slim. Somewhere, probably, there were some problems, some enterprises were not included, I know about it, the list of victims, and in fact are such. But the government all this will work.

failures Of payments to doctors:

– I would not dramatise, it happens. After all, we’re all human, right? I did say one thing: I thought the way it should be organised, and said so as I thought. But some colleagues did not understand the criteria, about whichof which I spoke. I’m talking about? That, if a person works in the zone, he’s putting himself, his health, and maybe lives at risk. And this Supplement for the risk. The tragic events in Afghanistan, for example. When the soldier flew to Kabul or some other city, sat down, went to the place of the new service and immediately came under fire. Some were killed instantly. Here our doctors when you enter into this so-called red zone, how would fall into the combat zone, relatively speaking. That’s why I proposed to make supplemental payments. Some colleagues understood it differently, they proceeded from the fact that this is a special, but nevertheless, the current mode of normal operation. But it’s not. I had to explain everything returned to normal and was arranged as I saw fit, so, as we agreed.

– You said yourself that is now checked, who on what is capable. During these months you had the disappointment of some kind?

– You know, no. Indeed, many colleagues came to his duties on the senior posts recently. But the selection was successful. In General, everything was to the occasion, proved themselves as competent experts are very responsible people. And I must honestly say: you mentioned failures of payments – there is no sloppiness, just people differently understood. But I assure you, all plowed and the plow from morning until night. And very responsible attitude to their duties. Me it can not but rejoice.

– In may marks 20 years since you took office of the President. The country You have built all these 20 years, they were ready, stable under the conditions of this storm that is associated with the coronavirus? If this happened to us in the 90s, early 2000s even, we would have survived, survived?

– I think that Russia will survive all Peremoga and will survive, the only question is at what cost? Of course, if you remember the 90s, it would be very hard. We humanitarnfirst aid in 90-ies was sent not in connection with man-made disasters or some natural phenomena, but as the poorest country in the world that hunger is not dead. Here’s what we got here how we lived. We could not do without foreign loans to pay salaries, and not paid for months, for months, even the military did not pay. We have a 99-year 2019 doubled the country’s GDP, i.e. the economy has doubled. Inflation was, you know how much 2600 per cent. Even in 1997, when the first signs of GDP growth, the inflation rate was still 11 percent. And now we have for the year was 3. Even in the present day, we have set a benchmark of 4 percent, and, most likely, somewhere around 4 will. But it’s absolutely a fundamentally different thing.

We have now mentioned the benefits to citizens mentioned allocated funds to support the economy and affected industries. Where do they come from? They are taken from our reserves, first of all. From possibilities of the budget. What was the budget in the 90s and even early 2000-ies? We had a chronic shortage, chronic. Salaries and pensions were not even paid sometimes for several months. Our reserves have increased by 50 times over the years. Agriculture almost collapsed, and now we have only the exports last year amounted to nearly $ 25 billion, even it was hard to imagine. Said to someone in the early 2000’s, no one would have believed. We took first place in the world in wheat exports. It’s just really an achievement. The industry has grown by 90 percent and the manufacturing sector more than doubled. Yes, we still have a lot to do to diversify the economy, but it happens, really does happen. In fact, it is a different country. And here’s what we made in recent years allow us to hope that we finally will come out of this situation with dignity and with minimal losses.

– Now a lot of comparisons because it’s almost the time of war, the invisible enemy at the gate. Do you agree with such wording that this kind of war?

– Yes, of course. But this reminds to a certain extent military action: the invisible enemy is the virus itself.

There are many conspiracy theories of the origin of the coronavirus that is shared by many politicians, not to mention the secret services. What do you think?

I think we need to counteract what happened, not to tell about where it came from. Of course, the experts think they are assessing, analyzing, but it is important for us to understand what was going on. And build a system of protection. And where it came from – is another question.

But to talk about what it is specifically someone throws, someone special did something, there is no evidence of this. I think that if someone will stick to this version, nothing good will come of it. Why? In order to effectively fight the epidemic, a need to work together and not accuse each other of attempt completely futile. In my opinion, it is necessary to do what leads all of us to get rid of this threat. Here, on this path we will succeed, and not on the path of confrontation.

I’ve heard many times that now because of the virus everything changed dramatically. I don’t quite agree with this formulation, with the formulation of the question. I believe that a virus will not change anything really. He just pushed some of the processes. Conventionally, the most simple telemedicine. Well then, this was not that it? Was. Just the conditions in which we were, prompted the development of these areas, these sectors. In this sense, of course, but this infection changed a few things. But she and the cardinal have not changed and will not change. Gradually everything will return to normal. But, of course, a certain quality of our life will change.

– And a policy perspective to something pushing it?

– This leads to the fact that we still need to understand that joining efforts in the fight against commontheir threats, it is extremely important and superficial things related to any cost to ensure their dominance, these selfish approaches to building relations on the international arena lead to a dead end. They do not allow to operate effectively the entire international community. In my opinion, it is extremely important. Still, even if it now will not lead to cardinal changes, but gradually this realization will accumulate, and the amount of information, in my opinion, when something still has to grow in the changing quality of relations in the international arena.

Here we are some European countries assisted when they had no one, even their closest allies. Believe me, we did it not because of some political reasons, but because it was hard for them and because they have asked. We do not climb with their proposals. We were asked – we answered. Without any perspective on the matter of a political nature. I knew people hard. They are asked to support, we did it, that’s all. And as it then tried to compromise those of our, shall we say, noble actions and impulses – are not able to do. At the household human level, our open honest friendly position in the civil society of these countries is clear. And it should be taken into account in the future political elites.