In the South African city of East London, police find 22 dead in a small tavern. Officials have not yet released any information about the cause. Eyewitnesses suspect poisoning of the pub visitors.

At least 22 people have died from unexplained causes in a pub in the South African city of East London.

The incident was reported in the early hours of the morning and the police had launched a forensic investigation, said the police commissioner of the Eastern Cape province Nomthetheleli Mene, the public broadcaster SABC.

The police initially did not want to provide more detailed information about the cause of the incident. According to reports from emergency services, there was a crowd in the small tavern. Some eyewitnesses suspected poisoning of the pub visitors. «22 bodies were found on the ground. No open wounds, no nothing. We don’t know if they were poisoned or if something else happened,” said provincial transport ministry spokeswoman Unathi Bingose.