There is an explosion in the town of Hemer in Sauerland. A house is completely destroyed. There are injured and missing.

In an explosion in the Sauerland region of Hemer (NRW), an apartment building collapsed completely. There were several injuries, the police said on request. Several people are still missing.

At least two people are alive under the rubble. You have contact with two buried people, said a spokeswoman for the Märkischer Kreis police. It is unclear how many people are still missing. So far it is known that one person was seriously – but not life-threateningly – injured. Three people suffered minor injuries. It may have been a gas explosion, the spokeswoman said. But that too is still unclear. The priority now is to save people.

The surrounding houses would be evacuated, it said. The fire brigade is on a rescue mission. The area around the scene of the accident was cordoned off. Eight people were reported as residents in the house. Hemer is near Iserlohn.