Serious accident in Bavaria: A man gets up from his seat while driving the double-decker bus – and is hit by the low bridge.

During a celebration on the deck of an open party bus, a man crashed into a concrete bridge and was seriously injured. The 27-year-old party guest got up from his seat on Friday evening while driving the double-decker bus and was hit by the low motorway bridge at an underpass in Steinberg am See (Schwandorf district), according to the police. He was badly injured in the process. Rescue workers took the 27-year-old to a hospital by helicopter for further treatment.

Eleven other people celebrated with him on the bus. They were unharmed in the accident. The 57-year-old bus driver reportedly suffered a severe shock. According to the current state of knowledge, the 27-year-old got up from his seat contrary to the regulations.