On the way from Lucca to Veneto in northern Italy, the helicopter disappeared from the radar without a trace. Now the wreck has been discovered, there are no survivors.

Rescue workers in Italy have found a missing helicopter in the Apennine Mountains in the Emilia-Romagna region. The site is on the Monte Cusna mountain, the mountain rescue team wrote on Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

The Ansa news agency, citing the prefecture in Modena, reported that all seven passengers were dead. “We had coordinates and flew to the site. There we found everything burned,” said an Air Force soldier in a video tweeted by the military. The site was in a difficult to access area in a valley. Rescuers would have to walk there.

The helicopter was manned by a total of seven people – the Italian pilot, four Turkish and two Lebanese nationals. He disappeared without a trace from the radar on Thursday on the way from Lucca in Tuscany to the northern Italian region of Veneto. It was initially unclear why the helicopter crashed.