The two countries have been arguing about this for a long time, and now a judge has hit the table: the island state of Fiji must hand over the Russian oligarch yacht “Amadea” to the United States.

In the dispute over the Russian super yacht “Amadea”, which was arrested in the island state of Fiji in the South Pacific, a court has decided that it can be handed over to the US authorities and transferred. The country’s Supreme Court on Tuesday declared a corresponding application by the USA to be valid.

According to US data, the $300 million yacht can be attributed to Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, who is on the EU and US sanctions list.

After legal dispute: Fiji delivers oligarch yacht “Amadea” to USA

The yacht was seized by FBI agents after it arrived in Lautoka port in mid-April. The US justified the seizure with possible “violations of US law, money laundering and conspiracy”.

The Supreme Court’s decision shows that Fiji is fulfilling its international obligations, prosecutors said. “The ‘Amadea’ has been handed over to US authorities and will now depart from Fiji.” According to the website, the “Amadea” is equipped with a helipad, pool, jacuzzi and winter garden.