A 43-year-old lawyer used an image editing program to significantly improve her grades and thus landed positions at large law firms. The fraud was not discovered until years later. Now she is sitting in the dock herself.

In order to get a better job with good pay, a lawyer is said to have improved her exam grades. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office has accused the 43-year-old of commercial fraud and commercial forgery, a spokesman said on Tuesday. The woman is said to have raised her grades significantly with the help of image processing software and as a result to have been employed by a total of three major law firms – two in Berlin and one in Munich.

The defendant is no longer allowed to work as a lawyer

Thanks to the embellished exam grades, according to the indictment, the woman received at least 165,000 euros more wages between January 1, 2016 and August 1, 2020 than would probably have been the case if her grades had been truthfully stated. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the sums that employers have paid for social security are added to the amount of damage.

The lawyer is now no longer allowed to work as a lawyer. The Berlin Bar Association withdrew her license in May 2021.