Jeff Goldblum has been involved with dinosaurs on screen for a long time. In real life, the long mime doesn’t like animals that are bigger than himself.

Jeff Goldblum (69) can do without encountering dinosaurs. “We already live in a world with a lot of scary animals,” said the Hollywood actor at the premiere of the film “Jurassic World: A New Age” in Cologne.

Some might know what to do if they encountered a bear, but he didn’t. “I would be afraid of many animals that are bigger than me.” Which is not to say that they are not all wonderful in their own way and of course have a right to life.

Encountering dinosaurs was already pretty nerve-wracking for him in the fictional “Jurassic” world. “It was a horrible experience, even if we only pretended. We almost died.” Also, dinosaurs in the real world are likely to be cannibalized for profit in the same way that the movies portray them. “Jurassic World: A New Era” hits theaters on June 8th.