For almost two weeks it was quiet around Amber Heard. Now, in a three-part TV interview, the actress has broken her silence and spoken out about the Johnny Depp trial.

It’s been almost two weeks since millions of people watched live as the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was decided by a seven-person jury. The jury, after several weeks of evidence and testimony, concluded that Heard had slandered Depp. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was happy about the verdict, but Heard was shocked.

Amber Heard gives first interview

Now the actress has given her first interview since the end of the defamation trial. In a three-part interview, she spoke to US presenter Samantha Guthrie about the outcome and her thoughts. The entire interview will be broadcast next Friday, part of which has already been shown on US television.

Heard complained that the jury was influenced. One of the reasons was the wave of hate on social media that has been hitting her since the beginning of the process. “Even someone who is sure I deserve all the hate and animosity, even if you think I’m lying, you couldn’t look me in the eye and claim that you think I’m lying on social media gave a fair representation,” she told Guthrie.

Jury was blinded by Johnny Depp

She also indicated that the jury was blinded by Depp’s radiance. “They sat in those seats and listened to non-stop, relentless testimonies for three weeks from paid employees and also from random witnesses towards the end of the trial,” Heard said.

The “Aquaman” actress explained that the online hate doesn’t bother her. “I don’t care what anybody thinks of me or what judgments they want to make about what happened behind closed doors in the privacy of my own home in my marriage,” she told Guthrie. “I don’t think the average person should know these things, so I don’t take it personally.”

The jury ordered Amber Heard to pay Johnny Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, which the judge reduced to $350,000 under Virginia law. Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft recently said in an interview that her client could not pay the amount.