Corona hardly plays a role in everyday life. In its new statement, the Federal Government’s Expert Council is urging precautions for the fall.

According to the expert council of the federal government, protection against the corona virus in care facilities should be increased again next autumn.

Additional prevention and management measures should be implemented to prevent and contain Covid-19 outbreaks, the panel said in a statement released on Wednesday. Regular tests for employees, visitors and residents and “low-threshold outreach offers to carry out vaccinations” are proposed.

The experts are also in favor of the health authorities regularly checking the facilities, helping them to develop hygiene concepts and communicating with them regularly, for example in the form of “preventive home visits”. In the context of further training, “hygiene-related content should be given greater consideration”.

According to the paper, the persistently high corona numbers and decreasing vaccination protection over time have led to a renewed increase in the number of infections and deaths in the facilities in recent months. “Urgently” recommended are measures to improve the quality of care, such as “to increase the number of staff” and through “higher qualification training”. In addition to appropriate remuneration, special training and further education is necessary for the qualification of competent personnel.