Aeroflot contrary to the recommendations of the Federal air transport Agency continues to fly over Iran

the Federal air transport Agency January 8, recommended the Russian airlines to fly over Iran, Iraq, the Persian and Oman gulfs. The regulator explained that the existing “information on risks for international operations”.

Russia’s Largest airline, state-owned Aeroflot was the first among Russian airlines 8 January announced its intention to follow the advice of the regulator. The company said that it has already developed alternative routes to the overflight of Iran.

But the recommendations of the Federal air transport Agency, Aeroflot doesn’t. The company has 4 daily flights from Moscow to Dubai and back. January 8, the company’s aircraft flew via Iran. Today, January 9 the situation has not changed. As at 17.30 GMT performed three flights from Moscow and two reverse. This is evidenced by the service flightradar24, which tracks flights of civil aircraft by radio signals of their transporters. Ships flying the whole of Iran from North to South, across the Persian Gulf and sit in the airport in Dubai. The flight takes approximately 5 hours back to Moscow lasted a little longer – an average of 5.5 hours.

For flights to Dubai from Moscow over Iran route is the shortest.

Rosaviation recommended to airlines not to fly over the Persian Gulf a telegram, the authorities sent to the carriers after the crash airlines of Ukraine on Business

Rosaviation recommended to fly around the country, as well as Iraq and the Persian from the Gulf of Oman just after the accident of the plane Boeing 737-800 of airlines “Ukraine International airlines”. The early morning of 8 January, the Board crashed a few minutes after taking off from Tehran. Everyone in the plane 179 passengers and crew members died. One version of the accident was a terrorist attack on Board or getting into the liner of the rocket, but the basic version, which insists on the Iranian side, – failureactivities of the engine. Also escalated the conflict between Iran and the United States: on the night of 8 January Iran fired at American military bases in Iraq.

the Federal air transport Agency could impose a ban on flights in the airspace of Iran, it would be binding. But the recommendations of the airline to follow are not required. Iran itself is not important for the Russian aviation direction: Tehran fly only “Aeroflot” four times a week. But the United Arab Emirates is one of the most important winter destinations for Russian tourists.

From the regular Russian airlines to Dubai from Moscow and only fly Aeroflot (four flights per day) and its subsidiary loukoster “Victory” (four times a week). Actively flying to Dubai from the capital of Charter carrier Air Azur up to two flights per day. And another “daughter” of “Aeroflot” – “Russia” flies in neighboring Dubai, Sharjah from St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

“Victory” Azur and Air, as “Aeroflot” 8 Jan stated that they have developed alternative routes to the overflight of Iran and they intend to follow the recommendations of the regulator. The details are reported. And “Russia” declared that on January 9 carry out a flight to Sharjah from St. Petersburg with a stopover in Sochi airport to refuel. Flight time will be increased by 1 hour 42 minutes with a standard 5 hours and 37 minutes. A flight from Yekaterinburg to be made by the following route. Flight time from the standard 4 hours 53 minutes will increase by 1 hour 21 minutes.

“sheet” awaiting review “Aeroflot”.

“Victory” on January 8, made a flight from Moscow from Dubai and back through Iran. Today, January 9, it has no flights in this direction, the next will be January 10. “We have submitted all requests for flights on alternative routes to the overflight of Iran”, – said the representative of “Victory” without revealing details.

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But Air Azur is already implementing the recommendations of a flight in the morning of 9 January from Moscow to Dubai, performed a detour route, according to data from flightradar24. Instead of flying over the Caspian sea and Iran, the plane made a flight over Turkey, the Mediterranean sea, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The flights on wide-bodied long-haul Boeing 767 took exactly 6 hours. Flight on the optimal route through Iran Azur Air Boeing 767 performed for about 1 hour and 15-20 minutes faster.

Now this plane was returning from Dubai to Moscow, but chose a different route flying over Iran from the West and from the East via the Arabian sea, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This flight, according to flightradar24, will take about 6 hours. Flying via Iran usually takes 5-5. 5 hours.

on Friday, January 10, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov will hold a meeting on flight safety in the middle East. Carriers will make decisions based on its results, said the source in the two airlines.

Iran insists that the security of its airspace. Ukraine and the United States has banned its airlines to fly over Iran. Some airlines such as Air Astana, have said they will fly around the state. But in Iran continue to fly the airline of Arab States, including such leading carriers as Qatar Airways, Emirates, flydubai and Etihad.