Ministry of foreign Affairs recommended that Aeroflot does not fly to Tehran at night, said two people close to the group of “Aeroflot”. He flies to Tehran from Moscow 4-5 times a week, other Russian airlines to Tehran’t fly. According to RBC, the recommendation was sent on 11 January – the same day Iran acknowledged that Boeing 737-800 of airlines “Ukraine International airlines” was shot down by Iranian air defense. The ship was wrecked on 8 January, killing all 176 people on Board.

the Representatives of the foreign Ministry and Aeroflot requests “Sheets” have not responded. Aeroflot has implemented the recommendation the same day: according to flightradar24, the flight from 22.15 was moved to 4.00 12 January so the Board arrived in Tehran at 8.30 am local time (to fly four hours time difference with Tehran – plus 30 minutes). Accordingly, the return flight moved from 4.00 to 10.00.

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