A suicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday at a meeting of muslim theologians, celebrating the birth of the prophet Muhammad, in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. A suicide bomb attack that would have caused more than 50 deaths, according to several officials of the afghan government, reported Reuters.

A spokesman for the ministry of the Interior, Najib Danish, has made over 80 injured. The author of the facts “detonated his explosives inside a wedding hall where many ulama were gathered to commemorate the birth of prophet Muhammad”, she explained. According to one official of the police of Kabul, Bashir Mujahid, contacted by AFP, the drama would have occurred “to the Uranus Wedding Palace”, not far from the airport.

The attack has not yet been claimed

the ministry of Defence has clarified that these muslim representatives were “from all over the country” and that members of the public also attended the ceremony. A manager of the hall, for gatherings of large-scale political meetings, indicated to the AFP that about 1,000 people were present at the time of the blast. According to Reuters, the hospital in Kabul said that 30 ambulances had joined the place of the blast and that 40 people were seriously injured. For the moment, the attack has not yet been claimed. But the taliban have denied by way of a press release to have sponsored the attack.

at the Beginning of September, 20 people – including two journalists – were killed in a double bombing in a sports club where he trained wrestlers. The bomber had “killed the guards at the entrance of the room before triggering its explosive charge”, according to the head Pahlawan Shir. The area covered was the shi’a neighbourhood of Dashti Barchy in the west of the capital, according to a spokesman for the ministry of the Interior.