The head of the seminary in the diocese of Limburg is dead. As the police confirmed to the star, the 49-year-old was found lifeless on Thursday. Apparently, this was preceded by a hearing on allegations of abusive behavior.

The head of the seminary in the diocese of Limburg was found dead on Thursday evening, a police spokesman confirmed to the star. When asked, the diocese said it would comment on the case later in the day.

The day before, the clergyman had been heard in a personal conversation about allegations of “abusive behavior”, reports the Hessian radio, referring to an email from the diocese spokesman.

Diocese of Limburg: Head of the seminary found dead

After the conversation, Bishop Georg Bätzing released the priest trainer from all offices in order to be able to examine and clarify the allegations. What exactly the 49-year-old was accused of was not initially known.

The dean of the diocese of Limburg, Winfried Roth, resigned only last week. Although there were allegations of sexual harassment against him, the Catholic pastor was appointed district dean, as the “SWR” writes. In the Roth case, Bishop Bätzing apologized for the decision and asked for forgiveness from those affected.

Sources: Hessischer Rundfunk, “SWR”