A visibly moved Steve Kerr gives a press conference. But instead of reporting on the upcoming game, the basketball coach turns to Washington with a message. His emotional appeal goes viral in a video.

Close to tears, the coach sits in a room full of journalists shortly before his Warriors’ game. But instead of talking about plays and substitutions, Steve Kerr has a clear message for the senators in Washington. “I’m so tired,” says the 56-year-old, referring to the recent shooting spree at a Texas elementary school. 19 children were killed by an 18 year old. “I’m tired of sitting here sending my condolences to devastated families. I’m so tired of the moments of silence. Enough!” Kerr said. During the press conference, the basketball coach banged his hand on the table several times.

In his speech, Kerr criticized the Republicans. There are currently 50 senators who refuse to vote on H.R.8, he criticizes. This is a regulation with which the purchase of weapons can be checked. This has already been passed in the House of Representatives. According to Kerr, there is a specific reason why the senators do not want to vote on the regulation: “To stay in power.”

Steve Kerr: “Do you put your lust for power over the lives of our children?”

“In the last few days we’ve already had people killed in a supermarket in Buffalo. Asian churchgoers have been killed in southern California. Now children have been murdered at a school. When are we going to do anything?!” Senators asked: “Do you put your lust for power over the lives of our children? Our elders, our churchgoers? At least that’s what it looks like.” It can’t be that 90 percent of Americans demand tougher laws that a few senators didn’t even want to vote on.

Kerr’s appeal is no accident. In 1984, his father, Malcolm, was shot dead by an assassin in Beirut. However, the NBA trainer has not only been campaigning for stricter gun regulations in the USA since then. Other athletes also commented on the school massacre, including Dallas coach Jason Kidd.

Steve Kerr is the coach of the Golden State Warriors, who are currently battling the Dallas Mavericks for a place in the finals of the North American professional basketball league. The fourth game of the series took place around 570 kilometers from the Uvalde crime scene. The game started with a minute’s silence. Dallas won 119-109, cutting to 3-1 in the NBA Playoffs Semifinals series.