At its state party conference, the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia approved a government alliance with the Greens with a large majority.

Six weeks after the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, the CDU cleared the way for a black-green state government.

At a state party conference in Bonn, a large majority openly voted by show of hands with four votes against to accept the coalition agreement. At a parallel advisory party conference of the NRW Greens in Bielefeld, the vote was still pending.

«The foundation for successful work has been laid»

If the 280 Green Party delegates approve the contract as expected, Wüst – currently still head of a black-yellow government – could be re-elected prime minister on Tuesday in the Düsseldorf state parliament with a black-green majority. Since the CDU and Greens have a comfortable majority of 115 of the 195 mandates, no surprises are to be expected in the five-party parliament in the secret ballot.

The signing of the coalition agreement is planned for Monday. On Wednesday, the complete new state cabinet is to be presented to the public and sworn in in the state parliament. The coalition agreement provides for eight ministries for the CDU and four for the Greens.