Concern for Bret Michaels: The frontman of the band Poison reports to his fans after a concert was canceled from the hospital.

Since the concert of the band Poison in Nashville was canceled last Thursday, there has been great concern for frontman Bret Michaels (59). The singer was hospitalized. On stage, his bandmates explained to the waiting fans that Michaels couldn’t perform due to a reaction to medication. The singer has now spoken in a short statement on Instagram.

Accordingly, he was “really” looking forward to his appearance. However, it then came to “unforeseen medical complications”. Because of a hospital stay, Michaels was unable to perform with his band. “I sincerely apologize for not being able to rock the stage! I’m working on being back 100 percent very soon,” he concludes his post. It is currently unclear whether Poison will perform as planned in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday (July 2nd).

Health problems for years

What exactly Michaels is currently suffering from is not known. The singer has had to deal with health problems more often in recent years. About twelve years ago he was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. Just a few weeks after his release, he complained of numbness on the left side of his body. Doctors diagnosed a minor stroke. In addition, a hole was discovered in the singer’s heart.