After the lifting of restrictions on European the streets of protesters

In France for the first time after the partial lifting of restrictions on protests went out again “yellow jackets”. To conventional requirements — social and economic — has now added a new. The demonstrators want the macron put more money into the health system. In some cities, not without clashes with police, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

In Poland to protest out entrepreneurs. They demanded that the government financial support for compensation of losses during the epidemic. After protesters began attacking police officers, they used force. In the course went tear gas. Dozens of people were fined for holding an illegal rally.

Protests take place in Germany. Thousands of people across the country spoke out against the restrictive measures imposed in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. Now the country has allowed the rallies with up to 50 people and respect for social distance. However, most of the protesters rights are violated. So no there were no arrests. Staged riots anarchists and extreme right, which provoked the police.

In the UK a rally against the restrictive measures was held in London’s Hyde Park. It was attended by several dozen people. Most without masks. Distance they also did not comply. Thus, according to the authorities, the protesters had endangered themselves and others.

the UK Government 13 may have weakened a number of quarantine measures. People had the opportunity to play sports on the street — but only if they are members of the same family. In fact the same continuous violations: people rested in large groups and picnics.