Traunstein/Bad Aibling In so far only, civil process after the train-wreck of Bad Aibling, the widow of the train driver and the DB Netz AG have agreed on a settlement. The 28-Year-old receives from the monthly maintenance compensation pension of 700 euros up to the year 2064. This year, her husband would have been 79 years old. The 30-Year-old was one of the two train drivers died in the disaster with a total of twelve dead and killed.

The railway was in damage control after the disaster straightforwardly. The cost of the funeral of all the victims were taken, survivors received advances – the 28-Year-old 21 000 Euro. Now, the district court of Traunstein should determine the final version of the claims. The 700 euros a month from September due 2020. The costs of the legal dispute, the railway bears 75 per cent, the remainder of the applicant.


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