The air traffic control union warns of chaos at airports in summer due to staff shortages. Transport Minister Wissing wants to exchange ideas with industry representatives.

The air traffic control union warns of chaotic conditions at German airports in the summer and calls for an aviation summit.

“I call on the Federal Minister of Transport, Dr. Volker Wissing (FDP) to take action before the parliamentary summer break,” said the national chairman of the union, Matthias Maas, on Tuesday. Otherwise there is a risk of unprecedented chaos at the airports. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Transport emphasized: “The minister has already invited to an exchange with industry representatives, among others.” This takes place on Wednesday.

During the corona crisis, the federal government tried to maintain the personnel know-how in the aviation industry, in particular with extensive regulations on short-time work, said the spokeswoman. However, during the last two years, the crisis has led to a reduction in the number of employees in companies, without it being possible to find sufficient replacements in good time. “Therefore there are now staff shortages in many places that cannot be compensated for in the short term.” Discussions are currently being held at many levels within the federal government with the system partners and other stakeholders.

For weeks there have been major problems at Germany’s airports, but also in other European countries, due to a lack of staff at airports and airlines. Lufthansa alone wants to cancel 900 flights in Munich and Frankfurt in July.

“Short-time work and downsizing without any foresight regarding a possible recovery of air traffic was the top priority for most managers, despite the general shortage of workers, as well as a desire to save at any price,” Maas accused airlines and large airports. Thousands of employees were laid off in the Corona crisis. Now you are trying desperately to get them back.