Two days ago, Easyjet had to cancel a number of flights due to a software error. In the next ten days more will be added – the reasons are varied.

The British low-cost airline Easyjet has canceled more than 200 flights for the next two weeks. The company said this was necessary in order to be able to maintain a reliable service.

Around 24 flights per day from London’s Gatwick Airport are said to be affected by June 6th. In addition to the upcoming celebrations for the throne jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, there are also school holidays in England.

On Thursday, Easyjet had to cancel around 200 flights due to a software error. The upcoming failures should not be related to this, as the BBC reported. Instead, various problems such as delays at the airports, construction work and restrictions on air traffic control should play a role. Customers should be able to rebook or request refunds, the company said.

Easyjet is partially withdrawing from the German capital’s airport BER and wants to station fewer machines there due to lower demand, as was recently announced.