Aksenov about what happened at the meeting of the UN security Council: the truth hurts

the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the refusal of the representatives of Ukraine and several Western countries from participation in the meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in Crimea, is that “the truth hurts”. About this he wrote on his page “Vkontakte”.

on Thursday, the UN held a meeting at which a video was made by the inhabitants of the Crimea. The event was held in continuation of meeting held on 6 March. The Russian permanent mission at the UN said that the representatives of Ukraine, the UK, USA and Estonia refused to take part in this meeting under the Arria formula. Meeting of the Arria formula does not relate directly to the activities of the Security Council and involve consultations, which can invite not only diplomats, but also representatives of non-governmental organizations and the public.

Speaking about the performance of online residents of the Crimea, Aksenov said that this is a simple Crimeans, and not “professional liars and provocateurs.” “Who would want to hear the truth, he heard it,” concluded Aksenov called the event, held at the UN, “an important and iconic moment.”