Two girls from Germany were brought to Paraguay without the consent of one of their parents – apparently by opponents of vaccination. Now the police and the mother of one of the children have turned to the public.

The authorities in Paraguay are looking for two German girls who are allegedly being hidden by anti-corona vaccinationists without the consent of either parent. “From now on we will intensify the search for the two girls,” said the head of the police kidnapping department, Mario Vallejos, on Monday at a press conference in the capital Asuncion. The mother of one of the missing girls, Anne Maja Reiniger-Egler, made a desperate appeal to the father at the media event.

Reiniger-Egler’s ten-year-old daughter traveled to Paraguay in November with her father Andreas Rainer Egler and his new wife Anna Maria Egler. The eleven-year-old daughter of the new partner was with them. According to the authorities, however, the couple did not have the consent of the other parents for the emigration. According to authorities, the family was last seen on January 19.

Police in Paraguay have been looking for a girl for five months

Reiniger-Egler begged her father to “put an end to this nightmare” and get in touch with her. “The girls can’t run away their whole lives,” she said through tears. She vowed not to take legal action against her former partner if she could only see her daughter again.

According to her lawyer Stephan Schultheiss, the emigrants were aiming for a settlement of German corona vaccination opponents. The adults are wanted for breach of parental responsibilities and kidnapping.

The authorities denounced the “secrecy and little cooperation in the German communities in the areas where the girls are seen”. Prosecutor Carina Sánchez admitted that the police had been looking for the girls for five months “without making any progress”. In particular, the authorities are calling on the population in the provinces of Paraguarí, Guairá, Itapúa, Caazapá and Alto Paraná in the south of the country to provide information on the whereabouts of the girls.

In German Telegram groups, Paraguay has been treated as a haven for lateral thinkers, conspiracy theorists and supporters of the radical new right for some time — alongside Eastern European locations such as Romania and Bulgaria. In one of the poorest regions of the South American country, German anti-vaccinationists have built their own little empire. About twelve kilometers from the small town of Caazapá is “El Paraíso Verde” – the green paradise. The fenced and guarded area extends over 1,600 hectares and says it is home to around 3,000 migrants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.