ALROSA has started drilling at the mine

on Friday, January 17, ALROSA announced the start of exploration drilling on the diamond mine “Mir”. As a result, the company expects to update the data about the size of the kimberlite pipes in her situation, the content and quality diamonds. Moreover, it is planned to clarify the geological and hydrogeological conditions, shut down in August 2017 after the accident. Exploration will be conducted within two years and will cost to ALROSA in 2 bn In 2022 the company expects to receive a report on the reserves and feasibility study of a project to restore production at the mine. If the study confirms the feasibility and safety continue production on “the World” the restoration of the mine will begin in 2024 and will last 6-8 years, the company said.

In General, the rehabilitation project of the mine “Mir” looks very positive, so the company took the decision to make these investments in exploration, said in an interview with “Vedomosti” CEO of ALROSA, Sergei Ivanov. Ready-made design solution yet, considered several options, he said: “the Main problem – protection from brines of metehara-ocherskogo aquifer system, due to which the accident occurred. Identical in the complexity of the hydrogeology of the fields is not there.” The Governor of Yakutia Aisen Nikolayev (25% of ALROSA owned by the Republic, another 8 percent – uluses Yakutia. – “Vedomosti”) said that production at the mine can be restored to 2028-2031 years About the cost of the restoration project while to speak early, Nikolaev emphasized. The analyst of “VTB capital” Dmitry Glushakov has estimated the cost recovery of the mine of $700 million to $1.3 billion if the company will build mine similar to the flooded “the World”.

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