Bavarian Couture is known to you? The fashion Label from Schwabhausen, Landkreis Dachau, visited a few weeks ago as a Sponsor the twelve-tz-Oktoberfest girls-finalists – with a bit of other Hoodies, T-Shirts, caps and pants. Prints such as “Habedere”, “Hotdogger”, “Heid gehma the carousel only to bed” and “Leckomio” don’t make the pieces into something very Special – and to challenge for some-Bayern.

Hiking up Après-Ski – winter collection “child of the mountains”

tz-Oktoberfest girls Laura Anneser comes from the circle of Munich – and is therefore suitable not only because of their language skills well as a new face of the fashion label. They are presented in addition to the other two tz-Oktoberfest girls-winners of the new autumn/winter fashion of Bavarian Couture. And where you can shoot the new collection for autumn and Winter with the name “child of the mountains” better than in the South of Munich?

for The fashion-conscious siblings Laura and Christoph had decided to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Waterfalls, unspoiled nature, beautiful scenery, perfect to present the themes of the collection. Just in General, love to the mountains, but also the magic that lays in the cold Season in the mountains doesn’t count – and, of course, the fun of the Hiking, skiing and the Après-Ski!

“Après-Ski driving i am Liabsten” and “powdered sugar Crew”

to inspire the new collection, were Laura and Christoph a lot in the mountains. The new line of mountain enthusiasts fashion-founder put on high quality, organic cotton, and self-designed, Bavarian motifs that come as a beautiful screen-printed on the garments. New in autumn and Winter: the motives of “child of the mountains”, “icing sugar Crew”, “s happiness lies in de mountain” and for the cottages of friends “Après-Ski driving i am Liabsten”.

The choice of subject is not accidental: most important to Laura and Christopher at their Label, the Bavarian dialect, which is a very important part, and therefore the brand is. Or how it will bring the two friendly fashion-lovers on your Homepage to the point: “in Short g’says: Mia is macha dashing Fashion of Dahoam”.