Donald Trump has to appear in a New York court every day in the hush money trial surrounding porn star Stormy Daniels. Always in tow of the ex-president: two glamorous assistants. Who are “the human printing press” and “the young version of Melania”?

One is considered his “good mood maker” and the other is considered “Melania’s doppelganger”. Donald Trump’s glamorous assistants Natalie Harp and Margo Martin are usually styled like models on the catwalk – especially when they accompany their boss to the courthouse in Manhattan, where Trump will appear before the judge every day for six weeks in the hush money trial involving porn star Stormy Daniels must.

After their appearances, fans are now analyzing details about the fashion and hairstyles of the two Trump employees as if they were movie stars on the red carpet.

When Trump turns around in the courtroom during court-ordered breaks, his eyes often fall on Natalie Harp. Her company is extremely good for the defendant, it is said – so good that he lets her accompany him every step of the way long before the current trial begins.

The blonde 32-year-old claims that Harp owes her life to the ex-president: thanks to a law he passed, she managed to defeat bone cancer. “Thanks to President Trump, I no longer die of cancer,” the devout Christian explained in 2019.

After various chemotherapy treatments had no effect, Trump’s “Right to Try” enabled her to try out a new treatment that was barely researched at the time. The law pushed through by Trump in 2018 allows patients to try medications that have not yet been approved by the US health authority. So Harp found an oncologist who agreed to a new treatment method that ultimately led to success.

Harp then posted her speech at the 2020 Republican Party Convention on No one let me try experimental treatments, Mr. President, just you. Without you I would have died.”

Since then, their euphoria for Trump has been boundless. Full of enthusiasm, the former news anchor for the right-wing channel “One America News” accepted an assistant position in his campaign in 2022. Now her desk is outside the door of Trump’s office at Mar-a-Lago. She accompanies him on trips, to stage appearances and even golfing.

Her colleagues call her the “human printing machine” because Harp always has a portable printer with her: she uses it to regularly print out delighted social media posts from his followers as well as newspaper articles that provide flattering reports about Trump for her boss. It always lifts his spirits so much, they say, that Harp even brings her laptop and mini printer to the golf course in the golf cart. “She’s one of the many people around him who just loves him,” said a Trump adviser in the Washington Post.

This also includes Margo Martin – one of the few of Trump’s employees from his term in the White House who remained loyal to him afterwards. Visually, Trump’s brunette communications manager resembles his wife Melania so closely that reporters have mistaken the 27-year-old for the former first lady several times from afar.

When Martin and Harp leave Trump Tower in Manhattan in the morning and make their way to the courthouse to assist their boss in the Stormy Daniels trial, the tabloids report on every little detail of their looks: the brands of their high heels, Trench coats, short miniskirts, handbags and sunglasses receive just as much attention as their jewelry, the styling of their hairstyles or the colors of their lip gloss and make-up.

Her fans are interested in the fact that, according to media reports, Martin wears her long hair in a “beach look” in “natural waves” – or when she combines the relatively inexpensive US fashion brand J.Crew with the luxury label Burberry. MAGA (Make America Great Again) supporters rave on social networks that she looks “stunning” again – like a “young version” of 54-year-old Melania.

The hype about “Melania’s doppelganger” first started last year. A Fox News host mistook both women as Martin entered a Miami courthouse for another Trump trial. “Here we have a video of Melania Trump, who just appeared at the start of the trial,” announced the TV anchor – only to correct shortly afterwards: “Oh, that probably wasn’t Melania after all.”

Since then, paparazzi have been targeting Trump’s “younger Melania.” Like Harp, Martin is now increasingly seen at his side. She accompanies him on business trips, to campaign events and parties in his private jet. According to insiders, she has become close friends with Trump’s daughter Tiffany and is very proud of her reputation as a “young version of Melania.”