16 global AI tech giants agree on common security standards. A globally unprecedented agreement aims to minimize the risks of artificial intelligence.

As part of the AI ​​Seoul Summit, 16 of the world’s leading AI technology companies agreed on a common security concept. This is reported by the “Independent”.

The signatories include giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta and Open AI, who have committed themselves to the so-called Frontier AI Safety Commitments.

According to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, this agreement sets a “precedent for global standards on AI security.” The companies involved are therefore planning to publish individual framework conditions.

These are intended to provide information about how they assess the risks of their state-of-the-art AI models. Particular attention is paid to the risk of misuse of the technology by malicious actors.

As the Independent further reports, the framework also sets out the circumstances under which serious risks are considered “unbearable” if they cannot be adequately mitigated.

If the risks exceed certain thresholds, companies have committed to taking drastic measures, such as not developing or using such models or systems at all.

Prime Minister Sunak is quoted as saying: “It is a global first that so many leading AI companies are all agreeing to the same commitments to AI security.” This will set an international standard that can unlock the benefits of this transformative technology.

British Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Michelle Donelan, who is present in Seoul, emphasized, according to the Independent, that the full potential of AI can only be realized if the risks are managed. The agreement that has now been reached makes this goal more tangible.