Amazon Prime Video users will see a new user interface. The service promises to find content faster.

Everything new at Amazon Prime Video: The streaming service announced on July 18 that the user interface had been revised. According to the service, this should bring some advantages. It should start for users as early as this week – but not on all devices.

The design of Prime Video should therefore initially be renewed on networked living room devices such as the in-house Fire TV and in the Android app. The new interface should be available to all customers worldwide in the summer. If you’re looking on an iOS device or via the browser, you’ll have to wait. The changes are to follow at a later date, which is not yet known.

According to a press release, one of Amazon’s goals is to make it easier for users to find content. A simplified main navigation menu should help with this. The app is divided into six main pages: “Free for me”, shop, channels, live TV, categories and “my area”. The whole thing can then be specified via corresponding subpages, if you are only looking for sports, series or films.

Blue tick or shopping bag?

Content should also be found via carousels, for example under “Top 10 Chart”, where currently popular series and films are listed. According to Amazon, the carousels should help make the user experience less overloaded. A new Live TV page, meanwhile, includes a program guide with current and upcoming shows. The homepage gets a sports submenu.

The “Search” page will also be redesigned and two symbols are apparently intended to make it clearer more quickly which content is included in the subscription and which must be purchased or borrowed. If, for example, a film is accessible without additional costs, a blue tick can be seen there. Another, which is not free, has a shopping bag icon.

It remains to be seen how well the whole thing can actually be operated. If users find it easier to find their way around the new interface, this could certainly earn the provider a few points in competition with competitors such as Netflix, Apple TV or Disney.