After losing Johnny Depp’s case, Amber Heard would like her insurance to pay her off. But she refuses – and wants to go to court instead.

After the lost court case against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, the next defeat for Amber Heard could be imminent. As the American portal “TMZ” reports, Amber Heard wants her insurance company to cover part of the amount that she now has to pay to Johnny Depp.

Heard had taken out $1 million liability insurance with the New York Marine and General Insurance Co. In fact, the policy covers all possible types of unlawful conduct, even defamation cases are included, the portal reports. But there is one point that could prevent Amber Heard from getting the money.

Under applicable law, no payment is required if Amber Heard intentionally misconducted. According to the insurance company, the jury not only found Amber Heard guilty of defamation, but found that it was malicious, as “TMZ” writes.

Amber Heard: Your insurance company has filed a lawsuit

According to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, the insurance company filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard in a California court on Friday. The newspaper quoted from the letter: “An actual controversy has arisen and now exists between the plaintiff and Heard as to the duties and obligations owed between the plaintiff and Heard under the policy relating to indemnification.”

Amber Heard is set to pay Johnny Depp $8.5 million. But this will not be possible for Heard, her lawyer explained on television in early June. When asked if the 36-year-old was able to pay the amount, Elaine Bredehoft replied on the “Today” show: “Oh no, definitely not.” But it shouldn’t come to that, because Heard plans to appeal. But before that, she seems to want to use other means.

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